There may have been a time when glasses were considered “nerdy” or “geeky” but today “geek is chic” and bold eyewear that make a statement are in style. Best of all, glasses can enhance your appearance as well as your sight. If you are embarrassed of your eyewear, here are some reasons why you should learn to love your glasses:

Fashion Accessory

It can be fun picking out the perfect shoes, handbags, earrings, belts, and ties, but wearing glasses gives you another way to accessorize. You get to choose the color, style, and size frame you want. Picking the right pair can enhance your natural features and look – or stand out and make a statement.

Good Vision

People take the power of glasses for granted. You’re able to strengthen one of your five senses simply by putting corrective lenses in front of you. Straining to read can not only cause headaches and neck pain, it can distort your facial features as you squint or tilt your head to focus.

Changes Your Look

Depending on which frames you decide on, your glasses can make your look more intelligent, sophisticated, or playful. Having multiple pairs will allow you to set the look for any environment and mood.
Draws Attention to Your Eyes
Making eye contact is the most important aspect of communication so non-glare lenses allows people to see your eyes without distracting reflections.


Has a bug or piece of dust ever landed in your eye? If you’re outside, glasses can prevent objects from getting into your eye. If you run from inside to outside often you can get benefit from Transitions© Comfort lenses. They’ll keep your eyes safe from sun’s rays including UV light and they darken in the sunlight.


Eyeglasses offer the safest form of vision correction and contact lens wearers need them to allow their eyes to rest.

Sun Protection

Sunglasses are not only fun and fashionable, but good quality sunwear will provide protection from dangerous UV rays. Protection against glare also keeps you safe while driving in bright sun and could improve your reaction time to potential dangers.