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Designer frames may help you look good, but eyeglasses lenses are what allow you to see well. There are many options to make your lenses lighter weight, non-glare, bifocals without any lines, computer-use designs, transitions that offer sun protection when activated, and different material options that have crisper, clearer optics to give you not only the most optimal vision, but also the most cosmetically-pleasing eyewear available anywhere!


Here at Atlantic Vision Center, we pride ourselves on customer service. We use the highest quality eyeglasses lenses materials and we also have a wide variety of lens options to choose from. We offer 100% digitally produced progressive lenses, anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings such as Crizal, and we also carry Transistions® lenses which continuously adapt to changing light conditions, bringing out the best in everything you see.

Our philosophy when prescribing eyeglasses is to educate you on the differences in design and quality of lenses available. Superior quality eyeglasses lenses are typically available through large labs and can not be made in just a couple of hours. Some commercial stores offer lenses in an hour or so, but you must understand that you are not receiving the best quality lenses availiable on the market. We use these larger labs to ensure the best quality lenses. You will not receive these lenses in one hour but we believe the wait is well worth it.

Essential Blue Series offers an embedded solution designed to safeguard your patient’s eyes against UV and Harmful Blue Light on a daily basis. With a unique absorption process, this innovative technology provides aesthetic clarity in the lens, irrespective of the prescription, while delivering optimal protection against Harmful Blue Light. Trust to proudly serve , ensuring the well-being of your patients’ eyes.

Computer lenses: These new technology lenses are designed for your eyes to relax at the computer. They are designed to give you comfort and vision for close and intermediate distances. While these lenses are primarily designed for computer use, they work great for anyone requiring clear intermediate and near vision, such as musicians, architects, accountants, surgeons, and many others. They are available in plastic, glass and polycarbonate, single vision as well as progressive lenses too.

Anti-reflective coating (also know as anti-glare): Crizal anti-reflection lenses help you see and look your best. In simple terms ,the coating is actually layers of filters on the front and back surface of lenses that allow all of the light to pass through the lens instead of bouncing back as reflection. They are durable, easy to clean, and resist surface static. The most important feature is that the filter increases the amount of light that passes through the lens so you see better, clearer and sharper than before. Anti-reflective coatings make your lenses look almost invisible from your wardrobe.

No-line progressive lenses: Distance, intermediate and reading prescriptions in one pair of glasses for all your vision needs. The technology behind these lenses has evolved to precision so virtually anyone can now comfortably wear their progressives all day with absolute natural ease.


At , we are dedicated to providing the best eye care services in . Our team of experienced professionals is committed to ensuring your vision is clear and healthy. We offer a wide range of services, including comprehensive eye exams, contact lens fittings, and the latest in eyewear fashion. With Crizal® Sapphire™ HR No-Glare lenses, we’re able to offer you the most advanced anti-reflective coating available. These lenses provide long-lasting transparency, durability, and protection against reflections, scratching, smudging, and harmful UV light. Experience the difference with .
Discover the eyewear revolution with Transitions Signature GEN 8. At , proudly serving , we understand the importance of seamless transitions in your everyday life. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, these advanced lenses effortlessly adapt to changing light conditions, providing optimal vision and unparalleled comfort. Experience the next level of eyewear technology and enhance your visual experience with Transitions Signature GEN 8.
Polarized lenses eliminate glare and provide 100% UV protection. They are ideal for driving, fishing, skiing, golfing, and all outdoor activities. At , we proudly offer Xperio UV™, the ultimate in UV protection, to our patients in . Trust our experienced professionals to keep your eyes safe and stylish. Visit our website to learn more and schedule your appointment today. Polarized prescription sunglasses enhance clarity of vision while protecting your eyes with superior quality lenses.